Baby’s Breath 2-CD Set

As a childbirth educator and labor and delivery nurse,  I saw first hand the power of focused breathing in helping women stay calm through the childbearing process. And the more control you have during this process, the more positive your experience can be. Baby’s Breath is a wonderful tool to help you stay focused and… Read more »

Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan Book

Learn valuable information and tips for health and fitness before, during and after pregnancy with Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan, written by Bonnie Berk and published by Human Kinetics, Inc. Topics covered include: Pre-conceptional Health, Strengthening the Core, Wellness and Exercise tips for each Trimester of Pregnancy, Exercises for Labor and Delivery, Shaping up after Delivery, Mommy and Baby Exercises, Infant exercises. See for… Read more »

Motherwell Yoga DVD

Perfect yoga practice for helping pregnant women of all fitness levels and all stages of pregnancy strengthen the core, prevent and/or alleviate low back pain, decrease stress and prepare for a positive pregnancy and childbearing experience. Includes modifications for each stage of pregnancy as well as relaxation and guided meditation for a peaceful pregnancy and… Read more »

Yoga for Health DVD

Finally, a user-friendly yoga program taught by a sincere instructor for every body! The Bonnie Berk’s Yoga for Health DVD is designed so that people of all ages and fitness levels can individualize their yoga practice according to the unique needs of their minds, bodies and spirits. Included in this DVD: Extensive Warm-up Easy-to-follow Vinyasa… Read more »